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Archery Team Athletic Program Information- Our program follows NASP and KHSAA guidelines.

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Schedule: Introductory Skills Workshop & Practice - Archery Academy runs in the summer prior to school opening session. Novice to advanced archers are encouraged to attend to get a feel for the sport and enhance established skill. Regular season begins after school is in session in August.  Practices in the beginning are three days a week in the evenings followed by the team selection prior to the first tournament, usually by the end of September.  After team selection, practices reduce to two days a week.  The archery season runs until NASP/IBO Nationals in May. Archery schedule will be posted online, social media, and in announcements. Archery supports other sports involvement and the archery schedule allows for multiple sport discipline participation. The program follows the NASP 11 steps for archery success.

Location and Equipment- We utilize the SMS Gymnasium for our practice range. We shoot at the competition 10m and 15m distances. We are permitted to use the NASP approved Genesis Original Bow (not the graphite or camo wraps). The arrows for use are EASTON 1820. Optional gear includes Finger glove/guard, arm sleeve, wrist sling and a bow case. SMS owns some Genesis bows and Easton arrows. Equipment is limited-first come first serve. Tournaments selected are geographically located less than an hour drive from Lexington. We have state and nationals qualifiers in the surrounding counties next to Fayette. The FCPS does not provide any financial support for this sport nor is it FCPS sanctioned. Fundraising and monetary funding by parents are needed to sustain this on a yearly basis.


If you have questions please contact Coach Dani Wood