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About the School

SMS has advanced courses in all core classes and supports all students at their learning level.

At Southern Middle School, we want to push students academically and find where each child excels. Our curriculum committee and administration team implemented advanced courses in all core classes (Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science) to make sure we are reaching those who need extension beyond the core content. The skills and competencies students need to be prepared for high school and college are our focus in these classes. The goal is that students will be better prepared for participation in the Advanced Placement (AP) Program at the next level and for college success when they choose the university/college they want to attend. We also have general and RTI classes that reach all students at their level and provide them extra support to reach and go beyond grade level material. We want all students to be prepared for high school and to eventually perform well enough on the ACT/SAT to get accepted to college. Lastly, we have career-based classes in exploratory areas that will help children decide what profession they might want look into as they advance to high school. At Southern we look to the future and want all of our students to be successful in their own way!

SMS Schoolwide Expectations

Our Mission

SMS provides ALL students high levels of academic instruction while developing strong character and independence.